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Our Story

Our embroidery company started in 1999 and quickly became the destination place for corporate, sports and custom monogram orders.

  Still going strong for 11 years, we decided the beginning of 2010 would be the year to separate the two worlds. 

The Monogram Store Online offers simple products with beautiful monograms.  Now, you no longer have to navigate through polo shirts and baseball caps to find that perfect towel or tote for your initials.

After visiting endless suppliers and apparel marts to test their products to our high standards of quality and durability, we have hand-picked the items in our store. 

As you know, the list is endless for a summer tote, lunch bag, beach or bath towel , etc. ,   Do I pick this beige color or that one?  This pink or that lighter shade of pink?   You throw your hands up … overwhelmed by too many choices.  Don’t you sometimes just want someone to pick through all that stuff out there and just make the decision for you?  I mean after all, what you’re looking for is a great product so you can then concentrate on selecting a monogram style and color.


Be creative!  Feel good about picking out the monogram style that fits your needs.  We’ve seen things come and go and have included the most popular products. 

We hope you agree that when you find that perfect simple product and embellish it with a beautiful monogram,
you have created something . . . . Simply Beautiful!
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